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Bids and Tenders

Why Outsource?

Here are some stats:

  • There are over 8,000 Trusts, Foundations and Philanthropy funders in the UK providing over £3.5bn in grants every year
  • Over 17,000 public sector tenders, worth £301bn, are published every year in the UK
  • Grants, tenders and funding opportunities are published on over 250 different online platforms
  • It is big money and a highly competitive market with over 15,000 organisations operating in the Residential, Social Care and Social Work sectors alone
  • The average organisation spends between 3-5 days writing each tender and regularly spends over 60 hours per month bid and tender writing.

All this means that bid and tender writing is time and resource hungry and often unfruitful for those not familiar with the process. It is hard to know where to even start accessing funding opportunities. 

S.I.S takes all the work of finding and applying for funding off your plate, leaving you free to do what you should be doing, providing great products and services 

How We Work

Step 1 - Horizon Scanning

Unlike other bid companies we do not bombard you with endless emails about opportunities that are not appropriate for your organisation. Instead, we offer a bespoke horizon scanning service specific to each of our clients requirements. This means that every day our bid consultants scour over 250 grant platforms, tender portals and websites to identify funding opportunities that meet our clients requirements. When we find something we think you will be interested in we condense it into an easy to understand briefing document and send it over to you to review.

Step 2 - Bid Development

If you want to proceed with the opportunity, our approach is to work closely with your organisation to understand what it is you want to achieve so that we can design bids and proposals around your specific requirements. After this our goal is to take the pressure off your organisation by handling as much of the bid process as possible autonomously. Because of our diverse client base we have a comprehensive bid library with content we know scores well with funders and commissioners, and we can tailor our existing content to your organisation. 

You will always retain control of the financial and pricing models parts of your bids. However, our substantial client base means that we can also advise you to develop competitive pricing models for your bids that are in line with market rates. This ensures that you do not undersell your bid or price yourself out of a potential funding opportunity. 

Step 3 - sign off AND follow up

We provide you with the final draft of the bid or proposal for sign off and then handle the submission and any follow up work with the funder on your behalf. 

Want to chat about our bid writing services?

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Free up your resources and let S.I.S develop winning bids and tenders for your organisation