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About Social Impact Services



Why We Exist

Social Impact Services (formerly Bright Bid ltd) is a socially conscious Business Development Agency that works with organisations that operate for the social good of others. We call this social value.

A lot is written about social value and what it means in practice. Social Impact Services believes that social value is generated when organisations develop goods, services or ideas that help people in our society to prosper and thrive, particularly those that are disadvantaged in anyway. 

Most people may automatically associate social value with charities. However, the truth is that many organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors provide social value. For example, care sector providers are often profit making. However, the fact is that without these services many vulnerable people would not receive the essential care they require in their homes. As such, these vital services provide social value just like the software company that develops apps for dementia suffers or childcare providers that help families work and keep children safe and educated. 

At Social Impact Services we firmly believe that social value organisations are the most effective mechanism of affecting social change. Our mission is to help social value organisations to grow so that they can help more people and the result is a fairer more equal society for all.  

For more about social value and social benefit watch Michael Green's Ted Talk on Social Progress.


How we work…

...Is easy to understand. Here is the problem we solve:

  • So you have started an organisation that is great at producing products and services that provide social value and you are focused on doing this as well as you possibly can, right?

  • But in order to grow and continue to develop those products and services you need specific knowledge, expertise and resources in aspects like bid and tender writing, procurement, marketing, digital systems, impact measurement and evaluation.

  • So you try to do this yourself, but you did not start your organisation because you wanted to spend all day writing bids or developing marketing plans.

  • That is where the good folk at Social Impact Services come in. We are experts in these key areas of business development and we can handle all or some of these activities for you, leaving you free to concentrate on what you are good at, helping people with great products and services.

Our Team

Social Impact Services is a rapidly growing social purpose business development agency. Social Impact Services (previously Bright Bid) was founded in 2012 by our Managing Director Andy Simpson

Andy has 15 years experience working in roles and organisations where his primary goal has been to help people to create a fairer society where everyone has a chance to thrive and prosper. 

Katie Simpson is our Director of Research and Partnerships and has one of the most important roles in our agency. When we work with your organisation, it is usually because Katie has taken the time to become invested in who you want to help and what you want to achieve. We know that this is the best way for us to work out how we can help.

Social Impact Services has a highly experienced and talented group of over 20 employees and freelance associates that are passionate about working with organisations for social good.